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How do i change the transparency in this for i and v code » Hello I want to change the transparency of house 1 to 0 transparency in a “for i and v in pairs do code” But when i want to do it doesn’t seem to want to change them (dosent even come up for quick code) I know i could do Local house1 = {} But i just want to do get children then set the transparency (Note when i do print(v) it comes up with all the parts) so it knows the children are all the parts. (Note there are about 10 parts in the house fol…

For i,v in pairs() tweening issue » What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear! I’m trying to make a lighting system that changes the color of every part In a folder at the same time, everything works. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible! The tweens are “taking turns” on each part/union. So it goes to one first, then another, and another, so another. This is extremely inefficient and I thought this was gonna be efficient… What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions…

Can for i,v loops cause lag? » For my new game, I am making a script which allows admins to delete other player’s builds. The problem is, builds are meant to save when a player leaves/joins the game, and I need to delete the build from the player’s data save too. Player builds are currently saved to a datastore. Each build has their name, position, and orientation value saved. A player can place a maximum of about 50,000 builds before reaching the datastore limit. My first idea to remove the build from their data saves is…

Add Else Statement To i,v loop? » I put some lights in a folder in workspace, and I’m attempting to add a toggle light switch that can flick those lights on/off. I’ve achieved half of that, but adding a debounce, or even an else statement breaks the code. I’ve tried pretty much all I can think of, mind you I’m not an advanced coder in the slightest, so my code could look ugly. I’ll show you what you’re workin’ with. “Living Room Lights” Is the folder containing the Parts that hold SpotLights within them. “Delly” is just a boo…

Coroutines vs BindableEvents » I’m conflicted on whether I should use Coroutines or BindableEvents for starting new threads. Coroutines: local func = coroutine.create(function() print("Coroutine") end) coroutine.resume(func) BindableEvents local bindableEvent ="BindableEvent") bindableEvent.Event:Connect(function() print("BindableEvent") end) bindableEvent:Fire() Are there any benefits in using one over the other, or is it just up to personal preference? Which one do you use, and why?

Roblox Creator Hub » Unlock your imagination with Roblox Creator Hub - the ultimate platform for building and publishing games for free. Join a vibrant community of creators today and publish your ideas to millions of people around the world. This world is ours for the making!

Could somebody explain for i, v in pairs » Well I get the basic concept of it, but like in which instances do you think I should use it in. Like I kinda just need somebody to explain it a little better… Thanks!

What is for i,v in pairs? » You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions: What do you want to achieve? I want to learn How to use for i,v in pairs. What solutions have you tried so far? Youtube Hey! I want to learn how to use for i,v in pairs() do I have been a scripter for a while and have created so many things but I have not been able to understand for i,v in pairs. Can someone explain to me what it means and How I can use it?

Roblox Pathfinding Vs. Custom A* Pathfinding Server Slowdown » Hi all, I’ve made a custom pathfinding module using the A* algorithm on a grid. The point of it is to supplement roblox’s pathfinding, since roblox’s pathfinding is really jittery and tends to backtrack on smooth terrain. I’ve timed the computation time for the path using os.clock() and my algorithm is 2-3 times faster than roblox’s for the same start-end points. However, despite os.clock() returning less time for computation, my algorithm is causing the server to lag heavily when I create paths…

Coroutine.Create() V.S. Couroutine.Wrap() » So I’ve been learning couroutines and I don’t know what the difference is between coroutine.create() and coroutine.wrap(). I’ve hard that couroutine.wrap() can be used to wrap functions coroutine.wrap(functionname) but you can do the same thing with coroutine.create(functionname) .


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